SD County COVID-19 Project

I am a data scientist and parent in San Diego County who has been following the local COVID-19 data closely since schools closed in March 2020.

Not satisfied with the level of COVID-19 data available by date from San Diego County’s open data portal, I started saving the county’s daily PDF files, which contain tables of cumulative COVID-19 stats for cases, hospitalizations and deaths, so I could could create my own historical records of this data and chart trends over time. I’ve used this data, as well as the datasets available from the open data portal, to visualize positive cases, hospitalizations and deaths broken out by age group and other demographics, over time.

I have also used data from the California Open Data Portal to look at the state as a whole, as well as to see how San Diego compares to other counties in the state.

I believe that in addition to published studies on COVID-19, this local data can help inform decisions on when to bring students back to campus or whether schools reopening impacts community case rates. I also hope it can help separate fact from fiction among the claims being made regarding children and schools.

For more information on the data I am using and how I am generating my datasets from the county’s PDF files, see my Data Sources page, as well as my citations and comments at the bottom of most of my data visualizations..